About Us

The Company

Imported Blankets is one of the premier sources for luxurious mink blankets. For several years, Imported Blankets has been a leading provider of Korean Mink Blankets at very low prices. You can have full confidence that our blankets are superior in quality to your traditional fleece blankets or bedding.

We uphold high levels of customer service, providing our customers with a unique shopping experience, backed by our 100% guarantee. You can rest assured that Imported Blankets is in the business of keeping you satisfied with your purchase. We have grown tremendously as a result of loyal dedication and hard work, faithful communication, and our desire to ever improve and further ourselves.

Our History

Founded in 1999, Imported Blankets has served thousands of customers domestically and internationally. With a 99.8% customer satisfaction rate after delivering thousands of blankets, we are proud to admit that we are one of the premier sources of superior quality mink blankets. You will not be disappointed, especially at the prices and quality of merchandise. With our dedicated commitment to fast email replies, fast shipping, and availability, we will surely make your shopping experience a truly unique and remarkable one. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at info@importedblankets.com and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can. We invite you to call us at 626-966-6511 (Monday - Saturday, 10 - 6 PM, PST) if you have any concerns as well. Please text your order to 626-966-6511 number if you can't find your tracking or need an update. Thank you.

Our Mission

Our objective was simple from day one. We desire to supply our customers with some of the finest luxurious mink blankets from around the world. Backed by our excellent technological infrastructure and services, which includes Verisign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL, we are able to provide our clientele a safe and secure website while providing them with luxurious mink blankets at very low prices. By enhancing the shopping experience of our customers, you will provide us with the opportunity to offer more value-added products and services in the future. Our success can be attributed to our superior products, efficient customer service, and personalized service. Main Office: 1030 E. Marbury, West Covina, Ca 91790. Local: 626-966-6511. Hours 10-6 PM, PST. Thank you.

Our Products

We continually strive to bring to the market the newest and most striking mink blankets. Our main product lines, Solaron, Wonu, and Golden Bear, are considered the best mink blankets available in the United States. We do offer some regular korean mink blankets from Apple and Dolphin, but they are not nearly as soft and their detail is not as fine as Soloran, Wonu, or Golden Bear. If you are not sure what blanket you are purchasing, please let us know and we will try our best to help you buy the blanket that fits your needs. For more information on these blankets, please see the guide: Buyer's Guide. Thank you

Match Price Guarantee For VIP members only, we will match the price of any blanket on our competitor's retail site. Please note that we will only match if the retail site is offering the same design, color, and brand as the mink blankets we are selling. Solaron, Golden Bear, and Wonu mink blankets are some of the best mink blankets in the industry and cannot be compared to cheaper variants, such as the brands from Apple, Dolphin, etc. We do carry some of the cheaper brands if you are looking for something based on price.

Current Special

Currently, we are offering a Buy 5, Get 1 Free Blanket Offer. Minimum order purchase: $250. If the order total does not reach $250, please add a fifth, sixth, or seventh blanket to get your free blanket.* Free Fedex shipping will still apply. After you select your five blankets and make your purchase, please email us which blanket you want for free. It must be of equal or lesser value than the cheapest blanket that you bought. If the blankets are being shipped priority to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or anywhere else, shipping costs will still apply. If you add enough items to your cart, your cart should automatically indicate which blanket is free. Please e-mail us your free blanket choices if it doesn't. If you use a coupon code, it may go slightly under $250, which is ok. *If any combination of 5 Solaron Queen/King blankets or Wonu Trix Queen/King Blankets are selected, the buyer can only select a safari blanket (or anything else of lower value of $50) as their free blanket.

Use coupon code "veteran" to save off your total purchase. Thank you.