Mink Blanket Info


We sell a wide variety of Korean mink blankets. Ranging from top-brand name Solaron mink blankets to luxury soft Wonu mink blankets, we offer some of the best available Korean mink blankets on the market. With over 400 different blankets available, we’ll confident you’ll find what you’re looking for.  

Please note that not all Korean mink blankets are the same quality even though they may look alike. The best Korean mink blankets include Wonu, Solaron, and Golden Bear Mink Blankets. These blankets will last longer than your typical Korean mink blanket. If you are not sure what type of mink blanket you are ordering, or if you are looking for a specific design that you found on another website,  please feel free to email us at info@importedblankets.com.

If you have never experienced a luxury Korean mink blanket for yourself, you’re missing one of Korea’s finest products and comforts. The top-grade mink blankets we sell are very soft, thick, and luxurious. The Solaron, Golden Bear, and Wonu blanket lines will last over ten years. These blankets will even retain their softness and color after several washes. Korean blankets from Solaron and Wonu have a rich acrylic/polyester blend, while many of the blankets from China come with 100% polyester. In a struggling economy, it is very wise to invest in products with high quality, as they are built to last. Quite simply, Solaron and Wonu are the best mink blankets and they are made to last. 

Korean Mink Blanket prices are increasing, as the cost of raw materials have gone up. Prices for all Korean blankets will increase in September, 2013. As costs have risen to make plush mink blankets in South Korea over the years, a few companies have considered manufacturing blankets from Vietnam. As soon as this becomes a reality, we'll post information here in regards to the quality of blankets coming from Vietnam. We have a strong feeling that South Vietnam mink blankets will be better made blankets than those coming from China, but only time will tell if Vietnam mink blankets will be just as good as Korean mink blankets.


Mink Blanket Rankings and Product Attributes


1. Wonu Trix (Korean)

A. Newest and heaviest blanket from Korea

B. Thicker and softer than Solaron blankets

C. Softest Blanket: Leader in Quality

D. Better than Solaron, but limited designs

E . Durability and Life Span: over 20 years


2. Solaron (Korean)

A. Weight: Twin/Full, 2.79 kg; Queen, 3.8 kg; King, 4.18 kg; Two-Ply, 6 kg

B. Detail and Realism: 10/10

C. Durability and Life Span: over 20 years

D. Wide assortment of designs to choose from.


3. Koyo, Poptex, Nanoron, Osaka Mink Blankets

A. Detail and Realism: 8/10

B. Durability and Life Span: over 15-20 years

C. Weight: Slightly lighter than Solaron

D. Softness appears to be better than Solaron

E. Limited Designs


4. Wonu: Aroma/Stellamor Heavyweight(Korean)

A. Detail and Realism: 9/10

B. Durability and Life Span: over 20 years

C. Weight: Slightly lighter than Solaron

D. Softer than Solaron

E. Limited Designs


5. Golden Bear(Korean)

A. Detail and Realism: 9/10

B. Durability and Life Span: over 20 years

C. Weight and Softness comparable to Solaron

D. Discontinued because primary manufacturer went out of business.


6. Wonu: Safari(Korean)


A. Detail and Realsim: 9/10

B. Softest Blanket: Leader in Quality

C. Durability and Life Span: over 10-15 years

D. Weight: Around 7-8 lbs



7. Apple Blanket, White Lamb, Pentron(Korean)

A. Detail and Realism: 7/10

B. Weight around 7 lbs

C. Durability and Life Span: 10 years


8. Signature Blankets

A. Detail and Realism: 8/10

B. Consists of original artists drawings

C. Made from China

D. Weight around 7 lbs

E. Durability and Life Span: Less than 10 years



9. Koyou, NFL & Character Blankets, Regular 3PC Sets

A. Detail and Realism: 9/10

B. Durability and Life Span: less than 7-10 years.

C. Anywhere from 4 lbs to 11 lbs, depending on product.

D. Made from China

10. Dolphin Brand


A. Detail and Realism: 6/10

B. Durability and Life Span: Around 5 years.

C. Weight: Around 7 lbs

D. Made from China

E. Company skims the quality, making it very cheap.

F. Very poor Quality: A Disgrace



Buyer's Guide

It has come to my attention that people are looking for more information in regards to what is a "mink blanket." Simply put, korean mink blankets are plush, soft, and made of rich acrylic fibers. Depending on the brand/website you buy from, you will either get the real deal, or a knock-off.

The best Korean mink blankets are from Solaron, Wonu, and Golden Bear. If you buy a blanket from Solaron or Golden Bear, know that they currently offer only one brand. As long as their respective names are on the blankets, then you know exactly what you are getting: The best Korean mink blanket. Wonu, on the other hand, has 3-4 different brands available, which include Trix, Adonis, Aroma, and Safari. Each of the Wonu blankets are slightly softer than Solaron and Golden Bear blankets, but not as heavy as them. Wonu blankets are also more limited, though more blankets are coming out at a greater frequency than Solaron/Golden Bear.

We will update this page as more mink blankets become available. Just so you know, it isn't easy to rank them, as more blankets seem to be coming from China these days. Some manufacturers and sellers, such as S&L, or even those blankets found on Amazon, are not accurately represented, or the blankets have severely been degraded. It is like they are skimming the market trying to get more from the customer (hoping they don't realize it). For instance, the signature blankets and sports mink blankets used to come with the acrylic/polyester blend. Now, a lot of them come with just polyester. If it is 100% polyester, the blankets won't last as long as those made with the acrylic/polyester blend. A lot of blankets are advertised on Amazon as Korean, however, they are truly Chinese blankets imported from China. Its sad to see some companies substitute quality for profit. There appears to be very little integrity in the blanket industry. Only the Wonu and Solaron company have been consistent over the years, so if desire to save money on blankets, its best to go with the better quality blankets, as they will last longer.

If you have the money, and are looking for a blanket that will last over 10 years, even as long as 20 (which is not uncommon), look for a Wonu, Golden Bear, or Solaron mink blanket. Koyo blankets are also good consisting of Japanese materials, however, please note that they the finished product comes from China. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, then go with the signature blankets, or dolphin brands. If you can, avoid the china mink blankets. Some of the China blankets have been getting better in quality over the last couple of years, but you'd still be better off buying something that comes straight out of Korea.

Still, certain designs may only come from China, which are not available in Korea. If you care more about the design vs. quality, then there is no need to be searching for something better. For instance, several character and sports blankets come from China. The companies that have the licenses to make these blankets have their factories in China, and as far as I know, they have exclusive rights to the designs and logos. Several Northwest blankets depict your favorite NFL, NBA, and college teams, as well as Disney prints. They have the license to make the blankets, and there are no plans for these blankets to be made in Korea, which is rather unfortunate for us. There is nothing you can do at this point in time. If you want something plush and soft, with striking colors and realism, the Northwest blanket from China is the way to go.

While the economy's strength questionable at best, and people struggling to make ends meet, it is best to put your money in products that are made with proper care and high quality. Quality becomes even more important in a struggling economy. It may hurt your cash flow initially in the short run, but in the long run, the dividends will pay off, as the product will last and possibly save you quite a bit of money on electricity bills, etc. As always, ask the seller for any additional information. There are only a few websites that disclose exactly what they are selling. So take a pro-active stance in searching out these companies, and asking legitimate questions in trying to find what you need. Thank you for your time.