Mink Blankets

There are only a few premium brands of mink blankets imported from South Korea, which include the Solaron brand and the Wonu lines (which consist of Wonu Trix, Wonu Aroma, and Wonu Safari). Those blankets from South Korea are more superior in terms of softness, durability, realism, and weight, than mink blankets coming from China. If you are looking for softer and better quality mink blankets, please visit the Wonu or Solaron sections. Wonu and Solaron luxury mink blankets are regarded as the best mink blankets in the United States. Be sure to check out on of South Korea newest and finest brands in Wonu Trix, which is softer and heavier than Solaron, and it is easily surpasses Solaron in terms of durability, weight, and softness. The heavyweight mink blankets that are available from Wonu and Solaron are simply the best.