When will my order ship out?

We normally ship orders 2-3 business days after the order is processed. Orders placed after 6:00PM CT may be considered placed on the next business day. During the spring and summer seasons, we often get orders shipped out on the same business day. In the rare instances we are not able to ship your order within 3 business days (excludes Saturdays and Sundays), we will give you the option of a refund. If it does come to this, you will also have the option to choose an alternative product or wait a few days longer. Please text us at 626-966-6511 for additional tracking updates with your order number. Thank you

Can I get a better shipping rate?

Please note due to rising shipping costs imposed by FedEx and USPS, blankets are squeezed to save on shipping costs.  The shipping cost we are being charged are based on the dimensions of the box, so the smaller the box, the cheaper the cost to ship.  The cost to ship one blanket can cost as much as $25-$30, so we have no choice but to squeeze the blanket in the smallest possible box.  If you do not wish to have your order squeezed into a box, there will be an additional charge of around $15-$25.   

How do I get points, and how do I pay for an item using points?

Please register and checkout using your login name. We give 1 point for every dollar spent on items in the store. During the summer, we will give points on every 1 spent on Fedex Ground shipping. Basically, if you buy a $40 blanket, then you will receive 40 points to use on your next purchase should you decide to use them. If you order $150 worth of blankets, then you get 150 points. If you refer a friend, who later buys blankets, you will receive 50 points. Twelve points equal one dollar. Points do not expire, and are transferable. To use points, simply login with your username and add the items you want into your cart. Then select to pay with points during checkout. Once you click submit, your cart will be updated so that you can pay any remaining amount with credit card through your choice of payment gateway. If you have referred a friend, or have not received any points, let us know so we can look you up. Thank you.

Do you ship Internationally?

We have shipped thousands of blankets domestically and hundreds internationally. We can ship internationally, but certain steps must be followed to process orders shipped internationally.  Please register for our site with your country, and proceed to checkout with the items you want.   Rates are based on actual USPS priority international shipping and are set for countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.   If your rates do not come up during checkout, please register with Paypal, the global online leader for accepting online payments through the Internet. Once your Paypal account is verified, please let us know which blankets you want and its destination. Once the order is finalized, we will send you an invoice through Paypal. For more information, please contact us info@importedblankets.com.

When I go through checkout as a customer, it empties my cart. Please help.

Ânswer: Sometimes session data between stores can result in a cart being emptied or a session not working. Have you tried with multiple browsers? or Have you tried clearing your browser cookies? Please go to Internet Options in Internet Explorer and delete temporary cookies, history, and temp files. For Firefox browser, you must go to Tools sections, then select options, then you should be able to delete temp cookies, history, or other data that may be preventing you from using our shopping cart. Thank you

How do I get my free blanket?

Currently, we are giving our customers a free mink blanket if they purchase more than 5 products ($250 minimum).* Simply add the blanket you want for free to your cart, and the cart will automatically indicate which blanket you receive for free. In some instances, you may have to add more than 6 blankets in your cart to see the free blanket come up. This special applies to retail orders only. *If any combination of 5 Solaron Queen/King blankets or Wonu Trix Queen/King Blankets are selected, the buyer can only select a safari blanket (or anything else of lower value of $50) as their free blanket.

Are these blankets real “mink”?

Korean mink blankets are made of rich acrylic fibers. They are often referred to as “mink blankets” because their softness, quality, and touch resemble real mink. Mink simply refers to the softness and luxury of the finished product. There are several different brands of mink blankets and we do rank them accordingly in our help section under "mink blankets." Korean mink blankets are generally better than those made from China. 

What is the main difference between your blankets and blankets sold on other sites?

Well, our site is one of the most organized mink blanket sites on the Internet. Other sites will sell you a mixture of mink blankets. You may get a better price, but chances are, you’ll get a cheaper quality blanket. Therefore, if a site doesn’t inform you of what type of blanket you are getting, it might be a good idea to find out, otherwise, you’ll get a flea market blanket that won’t last nearly as long as ours.

The best available mink blankets in the U.S. are Solaron, Golden Bear, and Wonu mink blankets. These mink blankets will retain their softness and color for several more years than the average flea market mink blanket. These blankets are more vibrant and their designs are more complex as opposed to other variant mink blankets. Other notable mink blankets include the White Lamb, Dolphin, or Apple brands. These blankets aren’t as good and won’t last nearly as long the Solaron, Golden Bear, Wonu/Aroma, or Wonu/Safari mink blanket lines.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes, we ship to APO/FPO addresses. To ship to an APO/FPO address, please select the appropriate APO/FPO destination during checkout and please select U.S. as the country of destination. Please do not select an alternative country, such as Germany, Iraq, etc because APO/FPO do receive U.S. rates. In the field that indicates city, simply write your main country there (Kirkland Air Base, Germany; Kirkuk Air Base, Iraq). Please contact us at info@importedblankets.com if you have any questions. We will ship APO/FPO orders within 2-3 business days, however, it may take up to 7-10 business days for orders to arrive since they are going to different countries.

Are these blankets machine washable?

Unless otherwise indicated in the product description, these mink blankets are machine washable. Machine Wash Cold and Tumble Dry. Please note that Solaron, Golden Bear, and Wonu mink blankets will last several years longer than the typical flea market mink blanket even after several washes.

How do I use a valid coupon?

To use a valid coupon, please click on "View Cart." This is accessible once you log onto our website. Coupons must be entered before checking out. Thank you.

What is your Refund Policy?

We have shipped thousands of mink blankets and our satisfaction rate is 99.8%. We have less than a .02 return rate, which is extraordinary. Simply put, our success enables us to continue to grow and list a greater array of quality mink blankets. Even in those rare instances of product returns, it involved wrong size, color, or a sports mink blanket. But if you do want to return a product, please contact us within one week via email after you receive the blanket. We will issue you a prepaid shipping label if the label you have is no longer intact. Once the item is returned, we will refund the cost of the product minus the shipping fees. Please note we will not pay for shipping if the customer makes an error with their purchase. We can do an exchange, but the customer will have to pay for the shipping fees. We must be notified of exchanges or returns within one week after you receive your items. After one week, exchanges or returns will not be processed.

Items must be returned new, otherwise, we will charge 10% restocking fee will apply. We will work with you if you are not happy for any reason, but please give us an email as soon as you can if something is not correct. Smokers beware, we will not take back your blanket. We find it amazing that smokers can spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on cigarettes; then get picky over a $50 blanket and desire to return it. If it smells, it is used, and we will not take it back.

If your blanket/box is damaged/lost, a claim through FedEx/USPS must first be considered in claiming a new blanket/reimbursement/credit. FedEx does do a good job for the most part in handling boxes, but if something doesn't look right, please give us an email first. If you received free shipping on your order, we do not reimburse on any shipping fees. But we will work with you to ensure you are happy.